Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety

How to help your dog feel safe & settled, when you’re not there!

Living with a dog who finds time alone stressful can be distressing for all.

Alongside your desire to support your dog, to reduce their stress, Separation Anxiety can restrict many aspects of your life.

✓ Does your dog panic once you step outside the front door? 

✓ Do they struggle with you being away from them even inside your home?

✓ Do they pant, bark, pace, toilet, or are they destructive?

✓ Perhaps you’ve had complaints from neighbours who are finding your dog’s distress barking challenging?

✓ Do you feel like your life is on hold

Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety

In “Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety”, we’ll provide you with a step by step roadmap to help your dog feel safe and settled when you’re not there.

In this course, we’re going to help you understand the emotions behind your dog’s behaviour. Whether your dog is frustrated, panicked, or just bored when you leave them alone... we’re here to help. 

We know you want the best connection you can have with your dog. You love them. You want them to feel relaxed at home, whether you’re there or not. We’ll be helping you set up environments for success and enabling your dog to feel good without the need for constant human companionship. 

We hope you’ll take a positive step forward today for both you and your dog. Join us on this journey to support your dog when left home alone. 

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What will you learn?

Separation Anxiety won’t be solved overnight. 

We’re here to support you whether it takes a few weeks or months to allow your dog to feel comfortable alone.

Your 'Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety' Course

✦ An Introduction to Separation Anxiety - Understanding Your Dog

✦ Confidence in solo activities for while you’re in the home

✦ Your step by step plan to building up your dog’s confidence in alone time

✦ Opportunity to add on 1:1 Consultations to guide you through the process

✦ 6 monthly emails to keep you on track

✦ Medication and natural support: understanding your options


✦ Caroline Ingraham on Self-Medication and Separation Anxiety

✦ Emma Rutherford on Nourishing Your Anxious Dog

✦ Linda Blair on The Key to Mindfulness - Mindful Breathing

Your Course Teacher,
Caroline Wilkinson

Caroline Wilkinson is a Certified Animal Behaviourist.

As the Founder of Barket Place, Caroline has a passion for improving connections between human and hound, with a focus on relationships and reduction of stress for canines living in a human world.

Take a positive step forward today!

Course Only

Full access to our 'Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety' Course

Course and Consultation Package

Full access to our 'Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety' Course (value £49)

PLUS an initial 1.5 hour consultation with Caroline & 2 x 30 min follow-ups (worth £225)

Here’s what people are saying

“It’s great to have found a trainer who is truly passionate about dogs, explains everything so well & makes it fun!”

"I simply loved the simple straightforward solutions that she proposed!"

"Caroline has a wealth of experience and explains things in a very understandable manner."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the content for?

While we'll guide you through the course content over 6 months, but you'll have access to the course content for as long as it's available (minimum of 1 year).

I have to leave my dog sometimes - is this course still for me?

While we suggest the quickest way to success is to have your dog supported by human companionship 100% of the time (outside of training sessions) initially, we also provide an alternative approach should you have to sometimes leave your dog.

Do I need to buy any extra equipment to see success?

While we provide you with a list of equipment, you can still work through all advice without it. The one thing we would 100% recommend is some way of filming your dog - which can include a phone, laptop or pet camera.

I feel I've tried everything already. How is this course different?

In this course, we give you a step-by-step roadmap to help your dog through its feelings of stress when left alone. If you've tried all the usual suggestions of crating your dog, leaving them with a food toy, leaving them to cry it out, or getting another animal - this course will give you some brand new tactics for success!

Will I cure my dog of their Separation Anxiety?

Our aim with this course is that, if followed consistently, you will see a significant reduction in the stress your dog is feeling when left home alone. If your dog's Separation Anxiety is due to an underlying health condition, pain, or previous trauma - further support from our in-house Behaviourist or your Veterinarian may be required.

Are you about to offer 1:1 support?

Yes! You have the option to add on a consultation plan - which helps hand-hold you through the process. We highly recommend this option if you've been struggling with your dog's anxiety for some time.

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