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Here at Barket Place, we not only want to help you achieve the basic obedience levels most dog parents want.
We also want to help you nurture a positive relationship with your dog.
Let us join you on your journey through dog ownership.

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“Excellent puppy (course), with no end of fun. Sets a good grounding for you and your dog.”

“Caroline is so good at explaining everything… Totally recommended and looking forward to continuing.”

Dog News and Training Tips

How you can go plastic free in your dog training

I’m sure when you think about dog training, you don’t think about high plastic waste. Generally speaking, our pets’ use of plastic is pretty low – with dog food packaging being the highest culprit. It’s Plastic Free July this month, so we thought what better time to introduce our brand new Click Treat app – […]

5 Days to Mindful Dog Walks

A recent survey, commissioned by Forthglade Natural Pet Food, found that almost two thirds of dog owners (63%) are unable to switch off from screen time whilst on the daily dog walk. Many of these owners are also experiencing stressful behaviours such as dogs pulling on the lead (68%) and barking at other dogs (49%), so myself […]

Reaching Out

Linda Blair studied psychology at Wellesley College and Harvard University in America, then trained as a clinical psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital (University of London). She’s worked in the NHS, for the Medical Research Council and at the Universities of Cambridge and Bath, and she had a private clinical psychology practice for 35 years. She […]

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