Dog vs. Vacuum: Top tips to create calmness around your hoover

Ali vs. Foreman. Tyson vs. Lewis. Dog vs. Vacuum. 

We’ve all probably smiled at the videos of dogs attacking the vacuum, or running away as it moves towards them. To us, it’s often amusing but to a dog, it can be a frightening experience. And it’s one that sadly occurs on a regular basis.

The chances are, if you share your home with a dog (especially a heavy shedder), you’ll own a vacuum. If your dog is scared of this “shouty monster”, they may either attack it or try to escape it. On the other hand, it may be your dog’s favourite plaything – the movement can be exciting plus it makes a lot of noise!

Instead of battling your dog or saving the housework for when they are not home, there are a few simple steps you can follow to help your canine housemate feel happier. It may mean a little sacrifice over the short term, but the long term benefits are immeasurable.

Less stress for you and less stress for your dog. Isn’t that what we all want? 

Take a look at the video below and see how these easy adjustments to your routine can help you and your hound live together in harmony.