Top 5 Tips for Photographing Your Puppy

Getting a good photograph of an excitable puppy can be no mean feat. It’s an activity that Carly Wong of The Pet Collective, in Bristol, is well-versed in.
She joins us here to give her Top 5 Tips on capturing the best photos of your dog. 

Photo credit: The Pet Collective

Pick your time
It’s best to take photos of your puppy after they’ve woken from a good rest. That way you can get some more relaxed photos as they are waking, perhaps some fun yawning, then some crazy action as their bounding energy kicks in.

Get some focus (pun intended!)
Puppies can be easily distracted by loads of things when you’re trying to take photos. Create one point of focus for them eg. Get a friend to crinkle a piece of paper or rattle a toy above the camera. Treats are also helpful but if anything becomes too exciting then change tactics.

See the light
The most important thing to bear in mind is your light source. Since you’ll likely be indoors, try to get your puppy near a window for the best natural light.

Get down to their level
The key to getting a realistic perspective on any living subject is to photograph them at their eye level so don’t be afraid to get down low. For the best puppy shots be prepared to lie on your front on the floor, or put them in a cosy raised chair or bed.

Take more than one shot
Micro-expressions can vary many times in just a split second so don’t expect to just take a single shot. These days it’s fair to assume you’re using a digital camera so take lots then review the best and gradually refine your technique from there.

Grab your camera, with these top tips in mind, and see what you can capture. We would love to see the photos you create with your puppy. You can share them over on our Facebook page.

The Pet Collective, based in Bristol, provides luxury and lifestyle imagery for people who recognise that pets are family members too. You can find out more about Carly, and partner Simon, plus check out their fabulous dog photography at