Top 5 Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 22nd

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday 22nd June!

Take Your Dog to Work Day was first started in the UK in 1996, to celebrate what great companions dogs make. It was also a way to encourage those without dogs to adopt from their local rescue centre.

While it’s an incredibly fun idea and we fully believe in the importance of promoting positive dog ownership, for dogs that aren’t used to going into a workplace it could be quite a stressful day. So before we get started with our Top Tips, we want to note that if you feel your dog would be highly stressed in your workplace, please don’t take them. Do the kindest thing and leave them at home in their normal, comfortable routine.

If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that you can take your dog to work with you every day, your dog is most likely used to the hustle and bustle of a busy work environment. You may also have a very relaxed and sociable dog, for who a day at their owner’s workplace just about makes their year!

But if you’ve not tried your dog in your workplace before, or they’re slightly cautious of new environments, people or noise, here are top 5 tips for helping them feel more relaxed at work with you.

  1. Create a calm, quiet space for them to be able to retreat to and rest in. If they’re used to a crate, take that with you. Ask co-workers to be respectful of your dog’s space and to only interact if your dog chooses to approach them. Let your dog choose who they want to say ‘hello’ to.
  2. Take regular trips outside to allow them toilet opportunities. Keep mealtimes to routine and ensure your dog has access to water at all times. Consider taking them home halfway through the day so it’s not a full day of exposure to new experiences.
  3. Chewing can help calm your dog – take plenty of tasty natural chews to keep them feeling calm. Chews can also help keep your dog entertained while you have an important meeting or phone call to make.
  4. Help them feel more relaxed and confident in this new environment with the help of natural calming aids such as Pet Remedy.
  5. Most importantly, make it fun – play games, show off their best tricks! Enjoy the day together.