Top 3 Tips for Puppy Parents: National Puppy Day

It’s National Puppy Day, so we’re here to make your life as a new puppy parent just a little easier with our top 3 tips for success!

Reward behaviours you like, ignore the ones you don’t
Ok, so it’s not quite as simple as this but if you think in this way it will really help you get off on the right paw with your puppy. We’re SO good at spotting behaviours we don’t like (such as jumping up, puppy biting, or peeing in the wrong place). But what about if we just focused on the awesome behaviours our puppy offers? And what if we think about what we’d like our puppies to be doing and set them up for success? Doesn’t that sound like it will be more positive for everyone?

Sleep, sleep and more sleep
A lot of people underestimate just how much sleep puppies need. They should be getting about 18-20 hours of sleep a day! Sleep is important for physical and mental development. It allows your puppy to process the day’s activities and improves learning. Many puppy parents make the mistake of trying to tire their puppy out with long walks, play sessions and too much stimulation. This can actually result in hyperactive behaviours, as your puppy is over-tired and cannot settle.

Careful, calm socialisation
Getting our puppies used to the world they’ll be living in is very important. We want to gently encourage interactions with different types of people, dogs, and other animals. It is also important to consider slowly introducing your puppy to different environmental experiences – all the sights/sounds they will need to cope with in life. Our Puppy Socialisation Checklist can help give you ideas of experiences to introduce your puppy to. Just remember:

  • Never overwhelm your puppy or leave them in a situation they appear to be stressed in.
  • Pair any brand new experiences with food to create a positive response.
  • Don’t allow every person your puppy meets to pick them up or handle them.

Our Online Puppy Training Course is filled with tips, advice and training videos to help you have a successful, positive bond with your puppy. We also have a dedicated support community, where you can chat with other puppy parents and our trainers for on-going support and advise. Want to get started?