Introducing The Positive Puppy Programme

I am so excited to announce the launch of our online dog training course: the Positive Puppy Programme.

While working with dogs in my local area of South Gloucestershire, I found that my Puppy Courses were always fully booked and I was having to turn people away to find training elsewhere. I also had a large number of people contact me who weren’t able to attend evening puppy or dog training classes due to young children or work commitments. I wanted to create a way to help more people nurture a positive bond with their puppies.

I know when I got my first puppy as an adult, it was a stressful time – full of excitement for the new arrival but also fear I was going to mess it all up. Even when we got our second puppy when I was then working professionally working with dogs, I still felt that sense of dread and nerves. It is a big responsibility and there is a such a small window of time to ‘get it right’. Puppies develop quickly; learning and shaping behaviours for life rapidly.

My name’s Caroline and I’m the Head Trainer here at Barket Place. I am a qualified dog trainer and assessed member of the APDT, approved to use only the most positive, kind, fair and effective training methods. I am also a Full Member of INTODogs and a Registered Training Instructor (ABTC). My approach to dog training is to create a positive, fear-free relationship between parent and puppy/dog.

Not only did I want to get the elements of my in-person Puppy Class online but I wanted to also support people in choosing the right puppy. I want to hold your hand while you are preparing to bring your puppy home. I want to be there to help you teach, train, and connect with your puppy – creating a bond for life.

So this is where the Positive Puppy Programme was born. An online community. A programme of learning; videos, helpsheets and advice to guide you through puppy ownership. A flexible way to train your dogs.

So come and join our community of Positive Puppy Parents: Sign Up Now.