The 3 Week Recall Challenge – We’re Halfway Through!

The Barket Place 3 Week Recall Challenge is taking place at the moment – and incredibly, we’re already halfway through! So, we thought we’d share a quick recap on how our participants have been getting on… plus a sneak preview of what the next 10 days hold.

In the first week alone we’ve enjoyed such amazing interaction and engagement from those taking part in the group – they’ve been sharing their stories and celebrating what they’ve learned so far. They’ve already achieved so much and there’s been lots of cheerleading – helping each other along the way.

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of getting focus from your dogs at home (in a low distractive environment) as well as when out on walks on lead. Our main priority is for our participants to have the best relationship they can with their dog whilst on these walks and in those different environments.

We’ve shown how treats and toys can be used in training to build your dog’s drive (to you)! Growing their excitement, whilst building a strong reward history for both types of reinforcement.

We’ve discussed whether or not it’s time to introduce a new recall cue… why your old cue might not be working; what makes a good new cue; PLUS some fun games to introduce it. We also got our dog training geek on – learning about the Premack Principle and how that can be used in recall.

Our training teams have also been learning some new exercises – ‘The Name Game’, ‘Snack Dash’, ‘Magnetic Recall’, ‘Middle’, ‘Bump’, and ‘Front’. There is so much GREAT stuff {all for free} over in the group.

But that’s not all! On top of learning all these new tricks and tips on how to get your dog safely back on lead – while creating a special bond together – we’re also helping our participants to stay on track, by completing their free recall workbook (which can even result in winning prizes!).

If you’re already in – we hope you’re enjoying our 3 Week Recall Challenge so far. If you’re not in – what are you waiting for? Sign up now:

Remember it’s never too late to join – all of the topics above are available on replay and there’s more plenty to come!

Speaking of which, we’ve got MORE live training coming your way! 3 more exercises, many more discussions, extra chances to win prizes, plus our special Recall Masterclass!

Want in? Here’s that link again: