Ready to be a part of #teamcheer?

Hey there! 

A while back we reached out in our “Connect with Your Dog” group to ask for people who’d taken part in our 3 week recall challenge before. You kindly volunteered to help!

We’ve now announced the start date for the next challenge - 1st May.

What we’re asking for is that you might be able to pop into the group whenever you have a minute over the next 3 weeks and offer some friendly support and cheerleading to those taking part in the challenge for the first time.

We’d love it if you added the hashtag #teamcheer to any of your posts or comments - so people can get to know you. Even better if you’re also happy to post a picture of yourself or your dogs in the group and let others know, now, how you found the challenge when you took part last time.

In return for your time, we’ll be thanking all the #teamcheer folk with a special voucher code at the end of the challenge, so you can grab 2 free webinars of your choice (for use now or in the future). 

We really hope you’re happy to get involved and can’t wait to see you over in the group:

Thank you so much in advance for the support you’ll be offering the rest of the participants!

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