Welcoming a Rescue Dog into Your Home: The 3 Stages


Welcoming a rescue dog into your life is such a rewarding experience. Not only are you giving yourself the joy of sharing your home with a dog, but you’re giving that dog a new chance at life.

Depending on the dog’s previous life experience – or how long they’ve stayed in kennels – there may be some challenges to work through as you navigate your new relationship. Our journey with rescue dogs doesn’t tend to be linear – there may be many stumbling blocks along the way. Although, working through these challenges together can give you an incredible opportunity to solidify your bond and create a relationship for life – one built on trust.

In this webinar, Rosie Taylor-Trigg joins us to share her experience of working in rescue centers for ten years. She will be discussing the 3 stages of rescuing a dog – working with a center to find the right dog for you and your family, welcoming them into your home, and the potential challenges that can unexpectedly arise a few months after they’ve joined you.

Whether you’re a new pet parent looking to welcome a rescue dog into your home, someone who already shares their life with a rescue dog, or a professional who helps support pet parents, there will be something for all. We’ll also have a round table discussion and Q&A opportunity with both Rosie and our founder, Caroline Wilkinson.

25% of all webinar ticket sales will be donated to support the amazing work of INTORescue.

Monday, 8th February

By purchasing you will be able to attend the webinar live, ask questions, and receive a free recording (24-48 hours after the live recording).

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Rosie Taylor-Trigg

Rosie is INTORescue Chair and Co-Founder of Dog Rescue Unites, a nonprofit organization that creates conferences specifically for rescue workers. Rosie has worked as a Behaviourist with rescue dogs in shelters for the past 10 years, in her spare time Rosie also offers her services to external rescues who require behavioural input or staff training. With a passion for force-free training, Rosie believes strongly that people are also deserving of positive reinforcement, and this along with the challenges of rescue led to Rosie’s interest in the mental wellness of those working with animals; especially those working in or with shelters. Rosie is a mental health first aider and alongside continued animal behaviour studies, is also working her way through a range of mental health courses in order to be able to better support INTORescue members.


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