The Biology of Stress with Lisa Hannaby


We’re very excited to welcome Lisa Hannaby for this webinar as she explores the biology of stress in both humans and dogs.

In this webinar, Lisa discusses:

  • – the function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system
  • – the difference between eustress and distress
  • – how chronic stress can affect ours and our dog’s health in terms of nutritional status and immunity
  • – nutritional tips to support the stress response in both humans and dogs

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Lisa Hannaby

A former lecturer in health and social care, Lisa is a psychology graduate, early childhood studies graduate and spent her first master’s degree considering how societal expectations influence our behaviour. Spending a decade working with parents and children, Lisa has extensive experience of understanding human behaviour, but she soon decided to apply her skills to pets. Re-training as a dog groomer, she set up a home boarding and grooming business, swiftly followed by a cattery. Noticing the same human health issues were apparent in the pets in her care she then set up a raw food store.

Lisa is currently studying an MSc in Human Nutrition and is a freelance writer, consultant, educator and speaker in human and pet health, nutrition and behaviour. Her special interests are biological, cognitive, and nutritional psychology, particularly stress, the microbiome and the gut-mind connection. In other words, what goes on in ours and our pet’s brains, what affects it and whether we can change it.


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