Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety Course


In “Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety”, we’ll provide you with a step by step roadmap to help your dog feel safe and settled when you’re not there.

In this course, we’re going to help you understand the emotions behind your dog’s behaviour. Whether your dog is frustrated, panicked, or just bored when you leave them alone… we’re here to help.

We know you want the best connection you can have with your dog. You love them. You want them to feel relaxed at home, whether you’re there or not. We’ll be helping you set up environments for success and enabling your dog to feel good without the need for constant human companionship.

We hope you’ll take a positive step forward today for both you and your dog. Join us on this journey to support your dog when left home alone.


Your ‘Solve the Stress of Separation Anxiety’ Course

✦ An Introduction to Separation Anxiety – Understanding Your Dog
✦ Confidence in solo activities for while you’re in the home
✦ Your step by step plan to building up your dog’s confidence in alone time
✦ Opportunity to add on 1:1 Consultations to guide you through the process
✦ 6 monthly emails to keep you on track
✦ Medication and natural support: understanding your options


✦ Caroline Ingraham on Self-Medication and Separation Anxiety
✦ Emma Rutherford on Nourishing Your Anxious Dog
✦ Linda Blair on The Key to Mindfulness – Mindful Breathing


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