Separation Anxiety and Our Dogs with Petrina Firth


Dogs suffering from Separation Anxiety may find the experience of being left on their own, without any human company, pretty traumatic. Their reliance on human companionship can be so extreme that they are left unable to emotionally cope with any period of solo time, even just a few minutes. For their owners, it can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and, at times, all-consuming.

In this webinar, Separation Anxiety Specialist, Petrina Firth guides us through:

  • The possible causes of Separation Anxiety
  • What we think of when we talk about Separation Anxiety
  • What underlying emotions may be at play
  • Management and training strategies to help owners succeed

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Petrina Firth is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) one of only two in the UK, as well as a full member of the APDT UK (01238) and a Companion Animal Behaviourist (ICAN, CAPBT)

She sees clients remotely throughout the UK and worldwide to support them through the separation anxiety training process and helping their dog cope with being alone.


  1. Rebecca Stranney (verified owner)

    Wonderful webinar covering; the signs of, possible causes of and an overview of the treatment of Separation Anxiety. As a dog trainer I found it extremely useful, particularly the practical steps involved in the initial treatment. Well presented and clear. A must for any dog owner concerned their dog may have it and any dog professional wanting more information. Thanks both!

  2. Jo Wallace (verified owner)

    A great webinar giving a real insight into SA and its associated disorders, as a behaviourist is found the course to have just the right level of detail in both the assessment and treatment examples. Petrina is a good speaker and shared some insightful thoughts on the topic and its treatment. The slides were interesting and well laid out and the addition of video footage made the course all the more enjoyable. Its great that you can have time for Q&A at the end as well. I would thoroughly recommend this course.

  3. Clare Brewin (verified owner)

    Fantastic webinar thank you so much! I’ve been to a few courses on separation issues and read various books and I actually think this webinar has been the most useful. Clear and accessible content, well presented in an engaging way. Absolutely recommend – thanks so much! Clare

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