Pre-Puppy Parent Consultation


Choosing to bring a dog – whether it be a puppy or a new rescue dog – into your life is a very exciting decision. You are ready to make a commitment to a brand new family member. However, it can also be a time full of questions and concerns.

If you are you considering adding a furry member to the family or already have a puppy picked out then book a 30-minute online consultation with Caroline, our head trainer, to discuss any concerns you may be having.
PLEASE BE AWARE: We are currently booking consultations for October 2021 onwards.

How will a dog change your life?
What things should you have in place ready for your new dog’s arrival?
Are all the family on board?
Are you financially ready?
What should you feed your dog?

We can help get your ready and prepared – and confident!


Examples of things covered:

  • breed of dog to choose
  • how a puppy will fit into your life
  • getting ready to bring your puppy home
  • creating family rules to make things consistent for your puppy
  • creating a calm atmosphere for your puppy
  • preparing for the first night with your puppy

The Pre-Puppy Consultation includes a 10% discount for our online Positive Puppy Programme.

Once purchased, you will be given a range of dates and times to choose from for a convenient time for your consultation.


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