Natural Nutrition: Tackling the tough Topics with Bianca Major


In this webinar, Bianca Major (BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN), tackles the tough topics in natural nutrition for dogs, including:

  • A deeper look into the canine microbiome.
  • How food affects behaviour and how you can utilise diet to control it.
  • The little things – additions for conditions. What you can add to your diet for particular health issues.
  • Keto who? – ketogenic diets the basics.
  • The pet food industry behind the scenes-what they don’t want you to know!
  • Deciphering labels – good luck!
  • If you’re feeding raw how to do it safely.


By buying this product, you will receive the recording of our ‘Natural Nutrition: Tackling the tough Topics’ Webinar, with Bianca Major, to watch at your leisure.


Bianca Major is a proactive consultant Animal Nutritionist. She runs Major Referrals UK a veterinary referral service, formulating personalised complete and balanced diets for pets, working with high profile veterinary practices and celebrities around the world. She is also a consultant for multiple pet food companies.
Bianca is truly passionate about improving the standards of nutrition for our pets. Raising awareness within the veterinary industry and directly to pet owners about current industry diets and how they can be improved.

Regularly lecturing throughout the UK and Europe, Bianca explains how diets can directly affect our pets behaviour. Via manipulation of dietary components as well as the method they are provided, she shows owners how diet can play a key role in improving behaviour and welfare of our pets.


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