Life with your Basset Hound with Caroline Wilkinson


This Webinar is aimed at Basset Hound owners who want to learn how to better support their dog. Presented by Certified Animal Behaviourist (and Basset Hound owner), Caroline Wilkinson, this webinar aims to help you with some common challenges pet parents of this so-called “stubborn” breed experience.

We look at common challenges such as house training, the ‘flat basset’ on walks, separation anxiety, motivating your hound during training sessions, recall, health and skin complaints, and much more.

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.



Caroline Wilkinson

The Mindful Dog Trainer Caroline is a Certified Animal Behaviourist (ICAN) and ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor. She has been approved full membership, following assessment, of the APDT (01212), INTO!Dogs, and PPG. She is committed to using only the most positive, kind, fair and effective training methods. Caroline has a passion for improving connections between human and hound, with a focus on relationships and a reduction of stress for canines living in a human world.


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