Should we Say NO to Drugs for Your Dog? with Dr. Nick Thompson


All drugs have positive effects. But all drugs have adverse effects. Do you know the downside of everything you put in and on your dog?
In this webinar, Dr Nick goes into the pros and cons of all the standard drugs we use in our pets, and the practical alternatives to reduce the lifetime drug load.


By buying this product, you will receive the recording of our ‘’Just Say NO to Drugs for your Dog” with Dr. Nick Thompson to watch at your leisure.


Nick Thompson BSc.(Hons) Path.Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS has been a vet for 27 years. He’s been in vet med for 33 years.

In the mid 90’s it suddenly struck him how ridiculous it was to expect health for life from dogs when feeding uniform processed kibble – remember the old adage about hospital nutrition, and that vaguely resembles real food!


  1. Kate Boyle (verified owner)

    Nick explains everything clearly and sets out the pros and cons of vaccines, wormers etc. I like his easy style. I didn’t feel preached at. He gives good information on science and legislation. I feel better informed to make decisions or to discuss with my vet.
    I was so pleased to get this webinar in lockdown. Great to watch in the comfort of my home with no driving! I’m looking forward to the next one. A bargain!

  2. wonder8art (verified owner)

    I waited until I had watched the replay before adding this review…you will want to watch twice and take copious notes! I have attended all the webinars Dr Thompson has delivered for Barketplace and recommend them all. As an owner, I want to give the best life to my dog that I can and this webinar made me realise how naive I have been just to accept that I needed to pump pills and vaccines into my dog to ward off fleas, ticks, worms and disease. I had been reading about alternatives but it took this webinar from Dr Nick for me to really absorb and understand the information, so much so, I am now making changes. Seriously, this webinar should be watched by every owner out there!

    please watch this webinar

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