Grooming Without Fear with Welfare For Animals


Does your dog hate it when you touch their paws?
Are nail trims and paw cleaning and a struggle?
Are baths a fight to the finish that leaves both you and your dog frustrated and stressed?

In this webinar, we’re excited to welcome back Welfare for Animals founder Ruby Leslie. She’ll be helping you understand your dog’s fear and the importance of choice when it comes to grooming and handling. You’ll learn how to reduce fear when grooming at home or when taking your dog to the salon!


By buying this product, you will receive the recording of our  “Grooming Without Fear” to watch at your leisure. There will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Ruby Leslie is the founder of Welfare For Animals (WFA), a positive reinforcement force-free dog training and animal welfare business based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

She has over 10 years of international experience in dog training and animal welfare in Canada, UK, Thailand and China. Ruby is Fear Free Professional Certified and Low Stress Handling Silver Level Certified, has numerous certifications in animal behaviour, rescue, shelter welfare, training and is currently working on her Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma with The International School of Canine Psychology (ISCP). Ruby is a member of multiple international positive reinforcement animal welfare and dog training organizations like The Association of INTODogs and is the social media manager for International Companion Animal Network (ICAN).






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