Cool, Calm and Connected with Sarah Fisher


An ACE Approach to Reactivity

In this webinar, Sarah Fisher covers the link between posture and behaviour, ACE Observations, and introduce ACE Free Work and other techniques to support dogs that struggle in the human world.

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is a canine and equine behaviour advisor and educator. She has worked with animals for over twenty years and is the founder of Animal Centred Education.

Sarah teaches Animal Centred Education (ACE) courses for trainers, groomers, veterinary nurses, physiotherapists and animal behaviour counsellors who wish to broaden their expertise by learning detailed observations combined with ACE Free
Work, TTouch bodywork, and techniques inspired by animals and other professionals working in the fields of animal welfare, education and behaviour.

Sarah is experienced with a wide range of breed types and teaches staff workshops for many of the UK’s animal welfare organisations including Battersea. She has also worked in Europe teaching staff workshops for shelters and has taught workshops and clinics for dog trainers and behaviourists in Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Poland.

Sarah gives presentations on a variety of topics at dog training and behaviour seminars in the UK and abroad, and is a regular speaker at the annual Dog Behaviour Conference organised by Victoria Stilwell Positively. She also conducts behaviour
assessments for private clients, animal welfare organisations, and court cases.

Sarah is a published author and has participated in numerous television and radio programmes over the years including the more recent Nightmare Pets SOS for BBC1.


  1. Victoria Nardell (verified owner)

    Brilliant discussion that was filled with fascinating new ideas I hadn’t thought of doing further detective on. I love Sarah’s ACE Freework and look forwards to finding out much more about in the near future!

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