An Introduction to Canine Self-Medication Webinar (Replay) with Caroline Ingraham


Dogs know what plant extracts they need to heal themselves and resolve behavioural issues. In this webinar, Caroline Ingraham joins us to discuss which extracts to offer for various problems and how to read basic responses to work safely and effectively with your dog. Insights into how your dog knows which remedies to select and their route of application ie. inhalation, topical, oral will also be discussed. The webinar will be illustrated with videos and case studies.

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Caroline Ingraham

Caroline Ingraham founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the leading expert in this field of animal self-medication. She has always had an enormous concern for the ethical treatment of animals and has spent the last three decades researching and observing how animals self-medicate. Caroline has featured in many scientific journals and articles and has written numerous books on the subject. She has appeared on the BBC, ITV, BBC Radio4, National Geographic TV and at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts.


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