Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour with Canine Flow


Canine Flow – the energy behind all dog behaviour

In this webinar, Caroline Griffith joins us to discuss her approach to dog training and behaviour: Canine Flow. Learn the role that your dog’s vital life force flow has on their feelings, emotions, and behaviour.

Canine Flow completes our understanding of dogs, and dog behaviour, as a not just choice of their mind, influenced by their physical body but as an expression of their soul or spirit as a heart-based choice. Despite being about energy, Canine Flow is fully backed by science, and thus is fast becoming known as the missing link in dog training and understanding. In this webinar, we cover the truth about canine enrichment and fresh approaches to common behavioural issues using the Canine Flow techniques.

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


Caroline Griffith is the Founder of Canine Flow dog behaviour and ascension techniques, as well as a pet food industry nutrition consultant.

She believes that, “dogs are not so much our teachers but our reminders. To be heart-based, to be our multi-dimensional potential. To honour nature, each other, and evolve to our highest purpose.”


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