Anticipatory Behaviour Skills with Kay Attwood


In this webinar, Kay Attwood explores how Anticipation works for us as a valuable training tool in all aspects of canine life.

Anticipatory describes the feeling you get when you know what’s coming – sometimes a good feeling and sadly sometimes not. We can use anticipation to help our dogs cope with all sorts of emotions, fear and anxiety, behaviour aspects, self-management and so much more!

It can also describe something that happens because something else is going to happen later – like that anticipatory excitement you feel the night before a big event.

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Kay Attwood

Since 2005, Kay has run her own very successful dog training school – Kay9 Services – offering an array of weekly classes, workshops and lectures to members of the public as well as other dog training professionals. Her achievements include the KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year 2018 award, successful sales of her Platform Training DVD, with other books for cognition, etc in the pipeline, as well as building her Kay9 brand throughout the UK, delivering workshops and lectures within the dog training industry at a high standard.


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