A holistic approach to your dog’s life: Ask Dr. Nick


In this interactive Webinar – we put you in charge of the content.

Dr. Nick Thompson answered your burning questions as to how to improve your dog’s health and longevity. Topics discussed included:

  • – natural pain relief
  • – behavioural support
  • – low-level heart murmur support
  • – vaccinations, there affect on behaviour and alternatives
  • – itchy dogs

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Nick Thompson BSc.(Hons) Path.Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS has been a vet for 27 years. He’s been in vet med for 33 years.

In the mid 90’s it suddenly struck him how ridiculous it was to expect health for life from dogs when feeding uniform processed kibble – remember the old adage about hospital nutrition, and that vaguely resembles real food!


  1. wonder8art (verified owner)

    I love Dr Nick’s enthusiasm for talking about our dogs and the holistic approach to caring for them. This Q&A was off the back of his previous webinar, ‘Just say no to drugs for your dog’ and was every bit as informative and interesting. His previous webinar had already convinced me to revisit my dog’s regular parasite prevention & he was able to answer another question I had around that. Each of the questions visited were of course personal to the person who had asked -but- they were all of great interest and could be applicable to any of us. Thoroughly recommended. Carole Zorzo

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