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Do you struggle to get your dog back on walks?

Do you find walks with your dog stressful? 

Are you struggling to keep your dog entertained?

Our Barket Club is the answer - and today you can join for just £1. 

Barket Club from Barket Place

Following our 3 Week Recall Challenge, we'd love to invite you into our Barket Club for a special offer of just £1!  Our Barket Club membership allows you to continue learning and training with your dog on an on-going basis. 


By subscribing to become a member of our Barket Club you’ll get 24/7 access to the Club content instantly and an invitation to join the private support group on Facebook.

Enrol now and get your first month for just £1!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is more than a training club. It's your own virtual pet coach, there to guide you through all the challenges and successes we experience with our dogs. 

New Content Every Month

When you join the Barket Club, you'll get access to our current catalogue of behavioural and training content - plus new videos each month. There's no chance for overwhelm as we guide you through the focus areas - supporting you on the exercises you need the most.

Q&As and On-Going Support

Each month, we get together live to discuss any challenges you might be experiencing with your dog - from behavioural concerns, training tips, to welfare and health. We also record regular live training sessions where you can see our experts working with their own dogs.

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We're so grateful to be working with the best pet parents!

“Excellent value with an unexpected depth of support … I particularly like appreciate the peer support and live web chats."

“It’s great to have found a trainer who is truly passionate about dogs, explains everything so well & makes it fun!”

"I simply loved the simple straightforward solutions that she proposed!"

Enrol now and get your first month for just £1!

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