PUP previews at Petcare Innovation Summit

This week, we’ve been presenting at the Petcare Innovation Summit in London. We were invited along to present our new digital experience, PUP, as part of the emerging brands Best in Show award.

A number of you, our fantastic community members, were kind enough to help us with our pre-development research last year, so we wanted to give an update as to where we’re at with the PUP platform.

PUP has two simple missions:

  1. Take the stress out of pet parenting;
  2. Reduce the chance that a dog may end up in a rescue centre.

The number one reason that dogs under 3 are given up to a rescue centre or euthanised is attributed to behavioural challenges.

We want to make a change.

PUP will allow you to track your pet’s growth and development and to help prevent unwanted physical/behavioural challenges later in life.

We’re also helping with the overwhelm modern pet parents feel regarding the sheer number of decisions they need to make during their dog’s lives. These decisions can range from how to resolve everyday behavioural challenges, identifying the right food, the right pet insurance, taking your pet to the vet, and day-to-day tasks such as walking, training and grooming your dogs. 

PUP offers a digital experience that allows you, the pet parent, to get the support and advice you need based on your own individual situation. That includes the breed, developmental stage, daily activities, and physical attributes of your dog.

So, where are we?

We’ve taken input from behaviourists, vets, and nutritionists to create a unique experience. We’ve taken on board all the information you shared with us and identified the key pain points you’ve experienced while raising your dogs.

We’re going to be launching later this year and we’d love you to be there with us when we do. If you’d like to be on the list to hear first and get early access to our app – please pop over to:


and sign up for our PUPdates there.