Our Favourite Food Toy Fillings for Dogs

Recently, we shared with you our favourite enrichmment toys for dogs. But what’s a food toy, without a filling?

Whether your dog is into licking or chewing – whether they love a Kong, Toppl, Lickimat – we’re sharing with you 5 of our favourite recipes for filling those toys.

What’s your dog’s favourite? Let us know in the comments below.


A perfect recipe for Christmas day – so your dog has something delicious to occupy them while you’re busy entertaining the family over lunch.

Turkey Mince (raw or lightly cooked)
Parsnips (steamed or pureed)
Cranberries (unsweetened)


Bone broth is an incredible source of nutrition and healing power for our dogs. There are various different recipes you can try to create it – check this one out from Emma Rutherford. This one is best suited to Lickimats or Toppls – however, if your bone broth is nice and thick, you can use it in a kong, just plug the end initially with a piece of cheese.

Shredded Leafy Greens (lightly steamed)
Bone Broth


This one is great for the hotter days of the year – perfect when frozen in advance. Think of it as a frozen yoghurt for your dog!

Goats Yoghurt or Kefir
½ Mashed Banana
Handful of Blueberries


If you are feeding your dog a dry kibble or cold-pressed diet, treat them to a more interesting eating experience (and add in some bonus nutrients) by adding some dazzle to their dinner. You can get creative here and add a range of foods, alongside a handful of their normal dinner.

Choose from:
Mashed sweet potato
Goat’s yoghurt
Natural peanut butter (no xylitol)
Sardines in olive oil
Coconut oil
Wet food such as Forthglade or Different Dog


Most of us start off with this one – one simple ingredient smeared onto the food toy. Just make sure whatever you are using, contains no poisonous nasties such as xylitol.

Choose from:
Natural peanut butter
Coconut oil
Squeezy Cheese
Natural Yoghurt
Liver Paste

You can also get creative and ditch your food toy for a cored apple!

Happy Stuffing!

These recipes are not meant to be nutritionally balanced. They may not be suitable for all dogs, based on individual food intolerances or conditions such as pancreatitis.