Natural Healthy Salmon Treats for your Dog

Natural Salmon Jerky Treat Recipe for DogsIn our Positive Puppy Programme, we discuss the importance of not only feeding a healthy, natural diet but also to supplement that with quality treats. There is no point feeding the best, natural food to your dog for its meals and then spoil it by feeding preservative-filled treats.

Here at Barket Place, we love our dehydrator! It’s so easy to make quick and cheap treats or chews for your puppy. But you don’t need one to create these tasty treats – the oven will do the same job.

Step One Freeze your Salmon (make sure it’s sustainably sourced!) for approx 45 mins until it’s starting to freeze but not solid.

Step Two Thinly slice your salmon into small pieces for training treats or large strips for healthy chews.

Step Three Dehydrate in a dehydrator (or lay on a baking tray in the oven at 100℃) for 4-5 hours until crispy.

Step Four Have one happy dog!