Love Your Pet Day: Top 5 Treats to Show your Dog You Love Them

Today, February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”! Not only are celebrations still going on for “Year of the Dog” but now we get an extra day to celebrate our dogs (not that we need an excuse).

Love Your Pet Day is a day dedicated to giving extra love and attention to your pets, with extra pampering, treats and cuddles! So we thought we’d use today to share our top 5 treats for your dogs. Why not treat them to a special tasty gift today?

  1. Pure Range Natural Training Treats

    Made from 100% meat, these grain free training treats come in different varieties made from a single protein. Great for dogs with allergies!

    Buy Now £3.99

  2. Anco Naturals Deer Hide Rolls

    These long-lasting chew sticks are a firm favourite with our hounds. They contain only 100% Deer and provide a long-lasting chew session.

    Buy Now £1.99

  3. Arden Grange Liver Paste

    This tasty liver paste is a Barket Place favourite for rewarding difficult jobs such as recall – as well as helping to build up a good association, for your dog, with being handled or groomed.

    Buy Now £2.29

  4. Feelwells Liver Training Treats

    These semi-moist training treats are great for breaking up small for high intensity dog training sessions when your puppy will be earning lots of rewards. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. No wheat, wheat gluten, or rice.

    Buy Now £1.79

  5. Anco Chew Roots

    Long-lasting and durable, Anco Chew Roots will also not splinter. They provide a great chewing outlet for teething puppies and adult dogs. If your dog looses interest – our top tip is to rub a little coconut oil on them to make them exciting again!

    Buy Now from £5.99

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