It’s Back! Our 3 Week Recall Challenge

A quick, snappy, focused recall. It’s something all dog owners strive for… but not something we all have. Fear not! Our 3-Week Recall Challenge is back! Now in its 4th iteration, this challenge is exactly as it says on the tin. A focus on recall training over 3 weeks. With live videos from Barket Place founder, Caroline, training exercises, and a handy workbook to help improve your dog’s recall. There are fun games to play to encourage your dog to come back to you every time. Come and join our {FREE} Challenge:

You can take as long as you need to practice. It could be 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. There is no judgement, especially as you work toward a better future with your best friend. Worried you might not stick with it? Find yourself an accountability buddy. While they might not be with you in person, you can support each other with videos and comments.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here is what a few past participants had to say about the 3 Week Recall Challenge:

Rollo is really looking forward to this years challenge. Last year we made such massive progress. The support and encouragement you get from the group makes it so much easier to keep on track. I never thought we would ever be able to drop the long line or a walk would never be a DRAG! But we are now having the most amazing walks! Every dog is different but we had the tools to get us where we are now!
Sarah and Rollo

I found the 3 Week Recall Challenge in August 2020. I have 2 Labradors, one is 9 years and the other was 7 months at the time. Kenny, my old boy, has pretty good recall. His issue is speed or lack thereof! I wanted to encourage him to come back with a bit more haste. Bramble, the puppy, was hitting her teenage phase. Despite working on recall before, she forgot what the cue meant. She also loves to run up and play with other dogs. The focus with her was coming away from distractions.

I joined Team Chaos and spent the next 3 weeks working with the dogs. The live videos from Caroline were so helpful. Starting with some very basic exercises gave both dogs a good foundation. They were both loving it as well! I got feedback from my teammates and Caroline on any videos of our training. The 3 weeks went by so quickly, but the difference in my dogs’ recall was amazing. 6 months later, they still impress me. Bramble will come to me when called. Even if she is playing with another dog, she responds so quickly. Kenny has definitely sped up as well. They both like to check in on walks now. They didn’t do that before. So glad to have found this!
Susi, Kenny, and Bramble

(The 3 Week Recall Challenge) has been influential with (my two dogs’) recall!
The Name Game, if you only take one thing away helped Zara last year…she was like a boomerang.
f you have a pup right now you should definitely take part but also for those older dogs, it’s never too late to brush up on those recall skills! 🧡
Jen, Hugo, and Zara

Ruby can’t wait to start the new challenge! We have done it before and found it so beneficial for both of us. The support from the group also helps keep you on track too. Hope everyone else is excited to start.
Sophie and Ruby

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