Generation Pup: Calling all Puppy Owners

If you own a puppy under 16 weeks old, the Generation Pup team would love to hear from you! This scientific research project is the first of its kind in the
world, which will examine the behaviour, development and welfare of dogs from puppyhood right through to old age.

The researchers need 5,000 puppy owners to regularly answer questionnaires about their dogs at various stages throughout their life. This information will allow them to investigate dog health and behaviour, and crucially, will help them to develop recommendations on how certain diseases and behaviours can best be prevented. Besides asking owners to complete regular questionnaires, owners are also offered the option of becoming more involved by collecting samples (such
as brushed hair) from their dog.

In return, each puppy owner will become part of the Generation Pup community, receiving regular updates on study findings via the dedicated website and social media.

Participating study owners will also be contributing to the improvement of dog welfare for years to come! So to find out more, please go to Generation Pup: Research Study into Puppies