Positive Puppy Programme: Online Puppy Training

Our flexible online puppy training course will help guide you through all the stages of puppy ownership. From choosing the right dog to bring into your home, to taking them out into the world as a confident, well-behaved member of the dog community.

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4 Lessons


What you get

Videos, helpsheets and instructions. Covering topics such as :
Questions for your breeder
Surviving the first 24 hours with your puppy
Positive Crate Training
What’s Your Name Game
Lead Walking & Recall
Sit / Down / Stay
“Drop” / “Leave it”

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Positive Puppy Programme: videos, helpsheets and advice to guide you through puppy ownership. A programme of learning. An online community. A flexible way to train your dog.


Head Trainer, Caroline Wilkinson (APDTUK, Registered Training Instructor (ABTC), Full Member INTODogs, PPG) uses only the most positive, kind, fair and effective training methods. Along-side other fantastic canine professionals, she will guide you through puppy ownership – creating a positive, fear-free relationship between you and your puppy.

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