Cancer in Dogs: Does Food Make a Difference? with Dr. Nick Thompson

1 Lesson


Did you know that the cancer death rate in dogs over ten years old is 50%? That’s over three times higher than for humans who smoke!

In this webinar, Dr. Nick Thompson joins us to discuss whether the food we feed our dogs can really make a difference when it comes to cancer.

Did you know that certain dog foods are more carcinogenic than others? In fact, all kibbled dog foods contain carcinogens, even if they are entirely additive-free! Did you know that feeding kibble gives you a 70% chance of your dog being overweight or obese  – both of which are linked to an increased risk of cancer? Dr. Nick gets to the truth of the matter when it comes to diet and cancer in our dogs.

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


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