Break the Barking Habit

6 Lessons


In “Breaking the Barking Habit”, we’ll provide you with simple solutions and show you how you can help your dog stop barking in just 28 days. 

In this course, we’re going to help you tackle barking inside the home, out on walks, or in the car. Whether your dog barks at postal workers, other dogs, when they’re bored or frustrated, or perhaps just because it feels good, we’re here to help. 

We know you want the best connection you can have with your dog. You love them. You want to feel relaxed at home and when you step outside the door together. We’re here to help you positively nurture the best bond with your dog, so you can live life together in harmony. We’ll be helping you set up environments for success and enabling your dog to feel good without the need to bark. 

We hope you’ll take a positive step forward today for both you and your dog, and join us on this journey to help your dog stop barking!


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