Animal Communication Webinar (Replay) with Joanne Yeoh

1 Lesson


How often have you looked at your dog and said, “I wish you could talk”? It’s often when our dogs are unwell, anxious, or experiencing major changes in their life, that we wished they could tell us exactly how they are feeling.

In this webinar, Joanne Yeoh explains how Animal Communication (also known as Animal Telepathy) can be used to help your dog. She explains what Animal Communication is, how it works, and how you too can learn to telepathically connect with your dog.

Joanne shares with you real-life case studies and stories of how Animal Communication helped different dogs under her care. For example, helping a rescue dog settle into his new home and ensuring that he could live in harmony with the resident cat. A senior dog suffering from pancreatitis and mobility issues and how this dog could communicate daily what he needed so his owner knows how to support him. Two dogs who did not get on with each other, and how having a communication with them allowed their owner to have a deeper understanding of what their needs were in order they could remain in the same home.

Animal Communication is not about just listening to your dog with your physical ears or observing their behaviour, but rather a way for you to also experience receiving images, sounds, smells, taste, physical sensations, emotions directly from your dog. It is a way for you to learn how to understand the telepathic language your dogs use and experience the magic of having a TWO-WAY conversation with your dog!

This is a recording, there will be no opportunity to ask questions.


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