Click Treat App from Barket Place

The Click Treat App from Barket Place provides eco-stainable dog training on the go.

If you enjoy training with your dog, there’s no better tool than the modern method of clicker training. It’s a great way to build up your dog’s trust and commitment during training sessions – as well as speeding up their learning.

In a recent survey amongst our Barket Club members, we found that the number one thing they took on walks was their phone. So now, you can utilise that phone to not distract your from engaging with your dog but instead create a better connection on walks through training. Small plastic traditional clickers are often lost and needed to be replaced which isn’t great for our environment or your pocket. Our clicker training app takes away the pain of lost clickers and the frustration of wanting to train your dog on a walk when you’ve left your clicker at home.

When you open up the click treat app you’ll find our clicker – with options to choose a classic or metal clicker sound, depending on your preference. We also provide you a useful guide to get started with clicker training and videos to inspire your training sessions.

Want to keep track of your training sessions? The trends area allows you to see how frequently you’ve been training your dog. With different coloured displays for how often you’ve used your clicker.

And finally, if you’d like to get quick access over into our free training and support facebook group you can find that under the ‘social tab’.

Want to really BOOST your training sessions with your dog? Joining our online membership – Barket Club – provides you with advice, support, and training videos to inspire your time with your dog.