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Our Barket Club membership allows you to continue learning and training with your dog on an on-going basis.

By signing up as a member of the Barket Club you get 24/7 access to the Club content and support group for the low monthly cost of just £15.49.

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You’ll gain INSTANT access into our support group and be able to view all the current Club content straight away.

Topics include:

  • Trick Training
  • Useful Lifeskills
  • Recall and Focus Games
  • On-Lead Connections
  • Leave, Stay, General Obedience
  • Much, much more – new content added each month

Sign up now for the low monthly rate of just £15.49.

What's Included?

New content every month 
Live training sessions
Monthly Case Studies
Specialist training sessions, including guest trainers
£5 saving code on all Webinar Replays
Access to a Private Online Community for Ongoing Support

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