5 Simple Ways to Entertain Your Dog at Home

I’m sure you’re sick of reading more information about COVID-19 but the truth is, it will affect us all in some way – whether that be through a change in the way we work, how we can interact with family and friends, or even the ways we entertain our dogs.

It might not be something you’ve considered yet, but if you have to work from home or self-isolate in the coming weeks then your dogs might find this new routine quite difficult to cope with. You may find that they become needier – as they adapt to more access to you. You may notice they’re a little barkier as your neighbours (and you) are around more during the working week.

It’s so important we consider our dogs’ welfare – and our own sanity! – during the coming months. That’s why this week our founder, Certified Animal Behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson, will be sharing with you her 5 simple ways to entertain your dog at home with very little effort.

In part one,  tonight at 6.30 pm GMT, she’ll focus on household objects and how you can use them to entertain your dog.

This mini-series of live videos is taking place over in our free support group – Connect with Your Dog. If you can’t join Caroline live each day, you’ll be able to catch a replay.

Over the comping week, we’ll be covering:

  • Household items: how you can use them to enterTRAIN your dog
  • The “Send Around”: exercising your dog with little effort
  • Hide and Seek: games to increase connection
  • Food Finds: using food for enrichment
  • The Living Room Olympics: A Barket Place Favourite for rainy days or Rest Days

Come and join us – all welcome!